IAQ Doctor Essential Kit

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IAQ Doctor Essential Kit enables Environmentalists, HVAC consultants, IAQ Experts to do Instant Air Quality Assessments Anytime, Anywhere.

“If you can't measure it, you can't improve it"

  • Helps with Short-term Air Quality Assessments or Long-term Air Quality Monitoring.

  • Most Comprehensive assessment with up to 3 Air Quality Monitors

  • Tracks 10 critical Air Quality Parameters (AQI, PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, CO2, TVOC, Formaldehyde, Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint) 

  • A.I. Powered Analysis to identify the IAQ issues & their sources.

  • Our Air Quality monitors are NIST / ISO 17025 certified and accurate

  • Comprehensive & Affordable

  • Do not worry about internet connectivity, The Kit comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

  • Helps Identify the source of the air quality problems at the assessment site and makes remediation actions efficient

  • Shows how well the air quality is maintained in the building against the levels recommended by ASHRAE, WELL, RESET, EPA.

  • Instant and comprehensive report with A.I recommendations

  • Helps you provide evidence based proposal to your customers

  • Also generates a personalized Instagram style walkthrough with the air quality status along with what are the possible impacts of the identified problem and industry recommended solutions for them. 

  • The personalized report and the walkthrough are generated in less than a minute. 

  • The reports can be shared with the customers in a click of a button. 

  • The IAQ Doctor kit comes pre configured and ready to go. No additional configuration required. 

  • iQi is the country’s largest IAQ store with the best experts, products and services under one roof.

Available Models:

Item Name : IAQ Doctor Essential Kit

Recommended for Single location IAQ Assessments

1 Air Quality Monitor Wi-Fi

LTE Hotspot

Power pack

& Accessories

Applications : Schools, Hospitals, Gyms, Assisted Living Facilities, Child Care centers, Offices, Retail Stores, Malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Homes. 

Specification :


Power Rating : 5V

Power : Mini USB

Product Size : 

3x3x1 inch (Zigbee) 

5x5x1 (Wi-Fi)

Product Weight : 0.4 lbs

Calibration Standard: ISO 17025

Power Pack : 5000 mAH

Zigbee Gateway : Can connect upto 50 zigbee monitors

Hotspot : Comes with high speed internet data